Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Failed to find standard type 'TObject'? C'mon, DevCo!

I have just installed BDS Hotifx rolloup - the one that everybody else on the planet is blogging about - and now my BDS claims that I don't know how to write a class!

C'mon, DevCo, you can do better than that!

 LATER: OK, third restart of BDS helped. No idea what's going on but I certainly hate it when syntax checker (or whatever they call it) goes amok.


Blogger TOndrej said...

Dude, what an ugly colour scheme.
;-) Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


After installing the rollup I find that BDS 2006 hangs when running SVCOM services. Is yours still stable?


Blogger gabr said...

No, it seems to be working just fine.

I tried:
- running SvCom-enabled service with /debug from D2006 (with debugging)
- starting and stopping SvCom-enabled service from the SCM

IDE survived all that and is still working.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


My Delphi hangs when I have a SVCOM service open and I select File..Close All.
This happens 20% of the time. I think making code changes and running the service a few times causes the crash on Close All (Still testing).
I'm in the process of converting 50+ Apps/Services to 2006 from 6 and this is giving me gray hair.

Do you know how to get the memory leak dialog to show when running services. (Shows for apps - not for services - can only hear the chime when the service close)


Blogger gabr said...

Get FastMM from the sourceforge. It will generate a file with leak description.


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