Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reposting TDM Articles

Like some other authors (Hallvard Vassbotn, Bob Swart) I'll be republishing articles I wrote for The Delphi Magazine. [Chris, thanks for the permission!]

Unlike Dr. Bob and Hallvard I won't have problems with choosing from my TDM articles - I published much less than them so I'll simply republish everything :)

In the next months you can expect online versions of my articles:

  • Safer Sockets [TDM #44]
    Describes an issue with TWinSocketStream and a presents a workaround.
  • A Better Build Process [TDM #49]
    How to build Delphi programs from a command line; introduces some helper tools.
  • Time Is The Simplest Thing [TDM #55]
    The art of timezones. Introduces GpTimezone unit, which is still alive and regularly updated.
  • Let's Cooperate [TDM #68]
    My first take on steampunk process synchronisation - not via OS primitives but by using file system. Introducing GpFileSync unit, which somehow never made it to my web site.
  • SvCom 4.0 [TDM #69]
    A review of SvCom service development package. Still alive and well, currently at version 7.
  • GExperts 1.0 [TDM #72]
    A review of Delphi experts we all love.
  • File Sharing On Linux [TDM #84]
    My only article on Kylix continued the Let's Cooperate theme.
  • A Synchronisation Toolkit [TDM #86]
    Simple multi-process synchronisation and communication primitives. Introduces the GpSync unit, which is sill alive and regularly updated.
  • My Data Is Your Data [TDM #88]
    Describes an easy to use wrapper around Windows' shared memory. Introduces GpSharedMemory unit.
  • Synchronisation Toolkit Revisited [TDM #91]
    An upgrade of the GpSync unit, introducing message queue.
  • Shared Pools [TDM #95]
    Shared memory pools. I never developed this concept any further.
  • Shared Events Part 1: Rationale, Design, Implementation [TDM #97]
    Cross-process event dispatch using shared memory. Introduces GpSharedEvents unit.
  • Shared Events Part 2: Redesign [TDM #102]
    Implementation details and a redesign.
  • A Portable XML [TDM #105]
    A review of the OmniXML library. Still alive and regularly updated.
  • Many Faces Of An Application [TDM #107]
    How to write an application that can be a service, Windows GUI and system tray icon monitor.
  • Thread Pooling, The Practical Way [TDM #112]
    Describes Windows thread pool, various problems with it and some workarounds.
  • Put It In A Tree [TDM #118]
    Discusses various approaches to creating a tree structure from a list of mail messages.
  • To Manage Memory [TDM #126]
    An introduction to memory management algorithms and structures plus a short overview of the (at that time very young) FastMM memory manager.

And that's all folks. I'll probably attack this list in chronological manner. If you have any preferences I may make an exception and change priorities so don't be afraid to ask for article you want to read first.

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Blogger Hallvard Vassbotn said...

Lots of great material here, Primoz!

And you actually have *more* TDM articles than me ;)

Blogger gabr said...

Well, I'll be ...

Even I was surprised when I saw how many articles I wrote for TDM.

But yours were far more interesting than mine - at least for me ;)

Blogger Tim Daniel said...

I'm looking forward for the better build process article :).


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