GpHugeFile 17.slon
Version 6.05
used in:
Encapsulation of Windows file-handling routines that allows work with >2GB files.

Included is support for non-buffered access (FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING) and buffering for sequentially accessed files. Includes also stream wrapper class.

Released under the BSD License.



Last modifications

6.05: 2012-04-18

  • Added logging to TGpHugeFile[Stream].

6.04d: 2011-12-14

  • Prefetcher refactored so that the semantics is clearer. Functionality stays the same.
  • Fixed bugs in prefetcher.
  • Fixed memory leak in prefetcher.
  • Must not invalidate buffer in 'half closed' mode.
  • BlockRead was not functioning properly when called at the end of file (when previous call to BlockRead already returned less data than requested) if
    buffered mode was used.
  • [Istvan] TGpHugeFile.Fetch didn't decrement hfBufSize when reading from buffer. bufp was incremented by requested (read) amount instead of actually read (trans) amount
  • TGpHugeFile.Fetch did not always set block size when block was read from prefetcher.
Last update: 2012-05-10