MSDN Lookup 17.slon
Delphi   Components To Code MSDN Lookup Set Focus Control Version 1.01 2000-11-07
Looks up current token on Internet or in local MSDN Library.

Designed for GExperts framework.

Free for personal and commercial use.


Last modifications

1.01: 2000-11-07

  • Added buttons "Restore default URL" and "Search for MSDN Library" to configuration dialog.
  • Made configuration dialog non-sizable.
  • Incorporated changes suggested by Miha Remec to simplify communication with local MSDN Library and made it more roboust.
  • Local search can be now executed in Index or Search page.
  • Added prompt options: on empty token, never, always; and prompt dialog.
  • Safer detection of installed MSDN Library (thanks to Miha Remec)
Last update: 2009-12-13