TGpHTTPProxy 17.slon
Delphi   TGpHTTPProxy TWIrCommSocket Version 2.0 2004-03-17
Generic HTTP/HTTPS proxy component, currently without caching support.

Based on the work of Wilfried Mestdagh. Requires ICS to compile. Demo program included.

Released under the BSD License.


Last modifications

2.0: 2004-03-17

  • Pulled in modifications from another (commercial) project to implement some fixes in HTTP proxy and add HTTPS proxy support.

1.02: 2001-11-07

  • Added 'Host:' header processing.
  • Modified OnClientHeaderAvailable event to accept additional parameter - value of the Host: header.
    Thanks to the Stanislav Korotky for pointing out the problem.
  • Added OPTIONS request processing.
  • Bug fixes in next-hop-proxy handling and in username:password handling.

Test program screenshot

TGpHTTPProxy demo application

Last update: 2009-12-13