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GpBench/CD is a CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD benchmarking program for Windows.


  • Works with Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000.
  • Measures media load time.
  • Measures transfer rate.
  • Measures random access time.
  • Measures full stroke access time.
  • Measures file copying time.
  • Measures CPU load.
  • Optionally checks that correct data is returned on read.
  • Automatically exports graphs (.wmf) and transfer rate data (.csv) (only in registered version).
  • Test file can be created from the program.
  • Single compressed executable, no installation required.

No installation required!

GpBench/CD is distributed as a single file. Just download and run it. If you want, create a shortcut to it and place it on the desktop or into Start menu.

GpBench/CD is free for personal use!

You may use GpBench/CD on as many computers at the same time as you want. Unregistered version has no time limit and has complete and unrestricted testing capabilities. There are only two limitations:

  • You may not publish results, created with unregistered version in any form, printed or on-line.
  • Logging and exporting functions are disabled in unregistered version.

More information about registering GpBench/CD can be found on Registration page.

What about source?

I cannot give away full source because GpBench/CD is built with some commercial components. However, I'll be happy to provide you with the benchmarking kernel. It won't compile "as is" but you can still use it to learn how GpBench/CD works. If you want to get the source, leave me a mail.

GpBench/CD is written in Delphi.

Show me a picture!

Here it is - GpBench/CD in action. For more pictures, see documentation.


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