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Luckily, I'm not alone. Plenty of people are helping me in a different ways. They are listed here in the order of appearance.

  • Todd Fast (BrowseFolder component)
  • Julian M Bucknall (EZDSL library)
  • Filippo Passeggieri (FPURLLabel component)
  • Martin Waldenburg (mPasLex unit and mwCustomEdit component)
  • Richey (registered version of INF-TOOL, incredible installation program)
  • Uros Mesojedec (program icon)
  • Fulvio Guzzon (Delphi 2 adaptation)
  • Marko Bohanec (download mirror)
  • Andy Jeffries (download mirror)
  • John Hamm (gpArrowListView enhancement)
  • Jörg Lingner (TRotateLabel component)
  • Digital Logikk AS (registered version of Time2HELP, beautiful source code documentation tool)
  • Robert R. Marsh, SJ (Widget component)
  • Lars Akerman (support forum
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