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1999-10-01: GpProfile 1.3.3 - Important bugfix release!

  • Total time (procedure+child) was calculated incorrectly for recursive procedures.
  • Added support for Delphi 5

1999-08-10: GpProfile 1.3.2 - Important bugfix release!

  • Fixed long-standing bug that caused corrupted profile file when profiling large projects.
  • Added setting to control instrumentation of pure assembler procedures. They are not instrumented by default anymore.
  • Fixed yet another bug related to output directory processing.
  • Fixed yet another parser bug. Sometimes units were not properly parsed after instrumentation, which could cause various instrumentation-related problems.
  • Fixed bug in conditional directives processing. VERxxx was not defined if user never opened Preferences dialog.
  • Parser changed to be more compatible with Delphi parser (which allows {$ENDIF<} (and variations) to be written instead of {$ENDIF}).
  • Fixed bug in nested $IFDEF parsing.

1999-07-25: GpProfile 1.3.1

  • Minor parser bug fixed: {$I *.INC} syntax was not processed correctly and caused unit with that directive not to be parsed.
  • Web-based forum created and hosted by Lars Akerman, author of CGI Expert. 
  • Added menu entries for quick access to mailing list and support forum.

1999-06-19: GpProfile 1.3

  • Support for DLL profiling added!
    Profiling starts when DLL is loaded and stops when DLL is unloaded.
  • Support for package profiling added!
    Profiling starts when package is loaded and stops when package is unloaded.
  • Parser bug fixed. Code, instrumented with {$IFDEF GpProfile} markers could not be uninstrumented.
  • Parser bug fixed. Sometimes GpProfile could not find all files, included in the parsed project.
  • Parser bug fixed. Named used units were not found if path started with '\' character (example: test in '\dev\test.pas').
  • Small command line parser bug fixed.
  • Fixed several bugs related to output directory processing.
  • Better handling of ComCtl32 version problems.
  • Better error handling in file access procedures.
  • Better error handling in client module (gpprof.pas).
  • Source preview window is refreshed after instrumentation.
  • Included are few fixes, contributed by Frédéric Libaud,
    • Fixed incorrect behaviour when output directory was a relative path.
    • Slight parser speedup.

1999-04-07: GpProfile 1.2.1

  • Parser bug fixed. $IFOPT compiler directive was not recognised and could cause wrongly instrumented source that couldn’t be automatically uninstrumented.
  • Parser bug fixed. Sometimes units were excluded even if they were not listed in Excluded units list.
  • Parser bug fixed. External procedure declarations were incorrectly recognised as procedure headers.
  • Park button added to title bar.

1999-03-20: GpProfile 1.2

  • Conditional compilation is fully supported!
  • GpProfile now ignores all text following final end
  • New menu entry in Delphi’s Tools menu: GpProfile - remove instrumentation
  • Fixed bug in TGpArrowListView (arrows were not drawn correctly)
  • Fixed bug in Instrument&Run and Run (sometimes GpProfile crashed instead of running Delphi)
  • Fixed bug when fetching library search path from registry
  • Exporting slightly polished
  • Color of background in source preview window is now shown correctly
  • Small bugs in layout manager fixed
  • Caller/Called views are resized proportionally when form is resized
  • Fixed bug when GpProfile would select wrong version of Delphi for a new project

1998-12-22: GpProfile 1.1

  • added ability to display and browse caller/called hierarchy
  • added ability to show/hide Source Preview window
  • source preview is now syntax highlighted (thanks to Martin Waldenburg and his mwEdit components)
  • full source package includes help, generated with Time2HELP
  • context sensitive help, accessible with F1 key
  • program history included in About box
  • due to new user interface layout all your layout settings will be lost; sorry
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