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  • Developers Review, UK; June 1999

    "All in all, GpProfile is a brilliant, high-quality profiling tool that demonstrates what can result from several programmers working together and sharing their resources."
    - Dave Jewell, Technical Editor of Developers Review
  • Windows Developer's Journal, USA; August 2000

    "There's an instrumenting profiler for Delphi (versions 2, 3, 4, and 5) that is not only free, but open source as well. ... Inprise should be paying this guy."
    - Ron Burk, Editor

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User comments

  • I was having a performance problem with an XML parser I was writing... (It took about 19s to load a 200k file, compared to 4s with explorer). So I downloaded your profiler, installed it, prayed (ehe), sweared, and finally I found the guilty part. Now my parser loads the file in about 500ms, and I'm very very very happy!
    - S. Buysse
  • I love this program! :-)
    It works smooth, fast, and errorless, so let me congratulate you. The documentation is also great, I spent only 3 minutes with it and I already understood it.
    So I'd like to say I appreciate your work. Thank you for providing it us!
    - A. Fulop
  • I have download GpProfile and I think its great. Thank you.
    - S.A. Klein
  • Congratulations for this REALLY GREAT software! I use it to improve my work, and feel that it is really great.
    - L. G. Breiner
  • I've been using GpProfile for a couple of days. It's been invaluable to me in finding bottlenecks in my code. Thanks for releasing the program under open source!
    -John Lobaugh
  • Fantastic! No other word I could possibly use to describe this piece of art. Firstly, it is very appealing to eye, secondly it actually works with minimal effort. 
    -Faustino E. Osuna
  • Just a short note to say that I finally used GpProfile today for the first time and it worked great. What a marvelous tool and it certainly made my job today a whole lot easier. It will certainly find a regular spot in my toolbox, my only regret was not trying it earlier.
    -Gerald Nunn, creator of GExperts
  • I just wanted to say thank you very much for writing such an excellent tool. It was:
    • trivial to install; 
    • simple to use; 
    • provided very useful information; 
    • didn't add greatly to run-time whilst in action; 
    • reduced the run-time of an algorithm I was looking at from 1 minute to 2 seconds!

    So, thanks a lot.
    -Dave Polhill

  • The more I use the GpProfile tool, the more I understand how it works, and the more I see that this tool is absolutely necessary if you want to improve on performance.
    -Stefaan Lesage
  • Thank you for your profiler. It is a very impressive product that was an invaluable help to us in streamlining and speeding up our application.
    -Danny Simons
  • Thanks for the great program, Primoz. No performance-conscious Delphi developer should be without it. Keep up the good work!
    -Roelof Engelbrecht
  • GpProfile is a superb program. I spent the afternoon searching for a code profiler as I was getting tired of having to use my own, dodgy, hacks. It turns out that it could be one of my most productive afternoons for ages, and free too!! Keep up the excellent work. Your program has made me look at the open source initiative with a lot less scepticism...
    - Shaun Masterman
  • Great product! Keep it up.
    -Andrew Mclellan
  • I think GpProfile is a very well thought out (and implemented) program. Actually I would go so far as to call it almost perfect.
    -John Romedahl
  • I found your profiling utility and it was a real hit for my current project. Thanks a lot.
    -Lars Akerman, maker of CGI Expert
  • All I can say is your product is amazing! Thanks for making it. Obviously a lot of quality work has gone into it.
    -Chris Morris
  • I am currently trying your GpProfile Delphi tool. My first impression: Fantastic!! I am really impressed with the ease of use, and find the analysis results very helpful to optimize my apps.
    -Jack N.A. Bakker
  • I just wanted to thank you for writing and giving away GpProfile. It was much better than I would ever have expected for freeware. Great job!
    -Henry Mueller
  • Excellent program! Excellent source! Very well done.
    -John Hamm
  • GpProfile is great! I tested it on a program of mine last night. I optimized a procedure from 1.6 s to .1s. I would expect to have to pay for such a great tool. Keep up the good work!
    - Das Mensch
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